About Mr. P....
Born In New York City, Jack Parmele spent ten years as a radio Disc-Jockey.  He worked for several New England radio stations, including WAAF-Worcester/Boston, WCCC-Hartford CT, and KC 101 New Haven CT.  He returned
to college in the mid 1990's with the goal of becoming a Social Studies teacher.  He received his B.A. in Social Sciences from Eastern Connecticut State University, and his Masters Degree from Elms College.  Jack received his
Social Studies certification from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in August, 2000.

"Mr. P" came to Bellamy Middle School in December, 2000.  He currently teaches
U.S. Government and Economics for the 8th grade YELLOWJACKETS team.

Oh yes, Mr. P loves
The Simpsons (in case you couldn't tell).