This year your child will be learning about Geography and
World Cultures
.  You may notice that the Social Studies
Frameworks for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
actually lists this as a 6th grade course.  DO NOT BE
ALARMED!  This is only a
suggestion from the state.  Each
individual district is permitted to create their own pathways,
as long as all of the Social Studies subjects are completed
by High School graduation.  This pathway was chosen by
the High School & Middle School Social Studies teachers,
and Asst. Superintendent Devine.
*Class participation; Can the student clearly explain
the concepts discussed?
*Tests and Quizzes (multiple choice / Open Response)-
can the student find appropriate information to support
his/her answer to the key question?
the text and our notes, and write a thoughtful response
in complete sentences?
Smartboard & Powerpoint Presentation  Internet,
Textbook, Notes,
Handouts, Globe, pull-down maps, and Transparencies.
Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein are
known as the Bavarian Nations, because they share
several common characteristics.  Compare and contrast
these four nations.
European Union, Euro, Federal Republic, Bavaria, Linked,
Ruhr Valley, Autobahn, Martin Luther, Protestant Church,
Lutherans, Party (political), Otto Van Bismarck, Adolf
Hitler, World War I, World War II, Holocaust,
Extermination, East Germany, West Germany, Market
Economy, Communist State, Command Economy,
Prosperous, Reunification, Democracy, Infrastructure,
Reichstag, Ceremonial, Chancellor, Parliament, Romansch,
Vaduz, Alpine, Landlocked, Neutrality, Continental Divide,
Mitteland, Raw Materials, Source of a River, Canton,
Pharmaceuticals, Federal Council, Hapsburg Family,
Diverse Economy.
Germany, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Bonn, Rhine River,
Elbe River, North Sea, Black Forest, Europoean Plain,  
Danube River, Alps Mountains, Hamburg, Switzerland,
Liechtenstein, Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Rhone River, Jura
Mountains, Austria, Vienna, Danube River.
Click HERE for map links.
*E.1 On a map of the world, locate the
continent of Europe
. On a map of
Europe, locate the
Atlantic Ocean,
Arctic Ocean, Norwegian Sea, and
Barents Sea. Locate the Volga,
Danube, Ural, Rhine, Elbe, Seine, Po,
and Thames Rivers. Locate the
Pyrenees, and Balkan Mountains.
Locate the countries in the northern,
southern, central,
eastern, and western
regions of Europe.
E.2 Use a map key to locate countries
and major cities in Europe. (G)
Items in RED are specifically covered in
this lesson.
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Chapter 10, Sec. 4
Key Question
B. Climate
C. Major Physical Characteristics           
D. major natural resources
E. population size