This year your child will be learning about U.S.
Government and Economics.  This will provide Bellamy 8th
graders with a solid understanding of how our
government works.  Your child will also be taught basic
economic theory.  Both of these topics will provide the
students with a firm background for their forthcoming
high school years.
*Tests and Quizzes (multiple choice / Open Response)-
can the student find appropriate information to support
his/her answer to the key question?
Smartboard & Powerpoint Presentation (click here
for sample), Internet, GOOGLE EARTH SOFTWARE,
Textbook, Notes, Handouts, Globe, pull-down maps, and
There were many influences in creating the
Constitution.  Which one or two do you believe were the
most SIGNIFICANT (important)?
Constitutional Convention, Framers, Founding Fathers,
Unanimous, Delegate, Preamble, Direct Democracy,
Republic, Representative Democracy, Direct Democracy,  
Constitution, Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights,
Bicameral, Petition, Legislature, Compromise, Constituent,
John Adams, George Washington, Roger Sherman, Ben
Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Federalism, Delegated
Powers, Reserved Powers, Concurrent Powers, Limited
Government, Context, The Great Compromise, House of
Representatives, Senate, Ratified, Federalist Papers,
Federalists, Anti-Federalists.
Click HERE for map links.
"Creating The Constitution"
Hello Parents!
Mr. P's Class
Lesson Four
Key Question
American Revolution and the
American government. (H, C)A. the
formation and framework of the
American government. (H, C)A. the
legacy of ancient Greece and such
Rome       B. the political theories of
such European philosophers as Locke
and MontesquieuSeminal Primary
Documents to Read: Mayflower
Treatises of Civil Government (1690)
Compact (1620) and John Locke’s
Treatises of Civil Government (1690)
B. the rights of individuals
C. the rights of states
D. slavery
Seminal Primary Documents to Read:
the U.S. Constitution