This year your child will be learning about U.S.
Government and Economics.  This will provide Bellamy 8th
graders with a solid understanding of how our
government works.  Your child will also be taught basic
economic theory.  Both of these topics will provide the
students with a firm background for their forthcoming
high school years.
*Tests and Quizzes (multiple choice / Open Response)-
can the student find appropriate information to support
his/her answer to the key question?
*Homework: Can the student extract information from
the text and our notes, and write a thoughtful response
in complete sentences?
Smartboard & Powerpoint Presentation (click here
for sample), Internet, GOOGLE EARTH SOFTWARE,
Textbook, Notes, Handouts, Globe, pull-down maps, and
The American colonists and British government had
many disagreements.  In your opinion, who was right?
Be sure to include both sides’ views.
Absolute Monarchy, Dictatorship, Totalitarian, Direct
Democracy, Representative Democracy, French and Indian
War, Thomas Paine,
Common Sense, John Locke, A
Treatise on Government
, Monarchy, Parliament Navigation
Acts, Tories Representative Government, "The
Enlightenment", "The Proclamation of 1763", "The Stamp
Act", "The Intolerable Acts", "The Tea Act", "The Sugar
Tax", "The Boston Tea Party", Colonists, State.
Click HERE for map links.
"Reasons For Revolution"
Hello Parents!
Mr. P's Class
Lesson Two
Key Question
USI.1 Explain the political and
economic factors that contributed to
the American Revolution. (H, C)
A. the impact on the colonies of the
French and Indian War, including how
the war led to an overhaul of British
imperial policy from 1763 to 1775      
B. how freedom from European
feudalism and aristocracy and the
widespread ownership of property
fostered individualism and contributed
to the Revolution.
USI.2 Explain the historical and
intellectual influences on the
American Revolution and the
formation and framework of the
American government. (H, C)
A. the legacy of ancient Greece and
B. the political theories of such
European philosophers as Locke and
USI.3 Explain the influence and ideas
of the Declaration of Independence
and the political philosophy of Thomas
Jefferson. (H, C)
Seminal Primary Documents to Read:
the Declaration of Independence
USI.4 Analyze how Americans resisted
British policies before 1775 and
analyze the reasons for the American
victory and the British defeat during
the Revolutionary war. (H)
USI.5 Explain the role of
Massachusetts in the Revolution,
including important events that took
place in Massachusetts and important
leaders from Massachusetts. (H)
A. the Boston Massacre     
B. the Boston Tea Party   
C. the Battles of Lexington and
Concord and Bunker Hill     
D. Sam Adams, John Adams, and John