This year your child will be learning about U.S.
Government and Economics.  This will provide Bellamy 8th
graders with a solid understanding of how our
government works.  Your child will also be taught basic
economic theory.  Both of these topics will provide the
students with a firm background for their forthcoming
high school years.
*Class participation; Can the student clearly explain the
concepts discussed?
*Open-Notebook Test (multiple choice / Open
- can the student find appropriate
information to support his/her answer to the questions?
*Homework: Can the student extract information from
the text, and write a thoughtful response in complete
Smartboard & Powerpoint Presentation (click here
for sample), Internet, GOOGLE EARTH SOFTWARE,
Textbook, Notes, Handouts, Globe, pull-down maps, and
Would the U.S. Government fall apart without Checks
and Balances?
* The Three Branches * Legislative Branch
* Executive Branch * Judicial Branch * Checks and Balances
* Cabinet * Veto * Bill * Federal Government
* State Government * Local Government
Click HERE for map links.
Hello Parents!
Mr. P's Class
Lesson Ten
Key Question
USG.3.2 Identify and describe
provisions of the United States
Constitution and the Massachusetts
Constitution that define and
distribute powers and authority of the
federal or state government.
USG.3.3 Explain the constitutional
principles of federalism, separation of
powers among three branches of
government, the system of checks
and balances, republican government
or representative democracy, and
popular sovereignty. Provide
examples of these principles in the
governments of the United States and
the state of Massachusetts.