Welcome Parents!
This part of my site is just for you.  The links to the left will take you back to the student sections.  The links below are for your information.  
They cover a wide variety of topics that not only deal with your child's progress in Social Studies, but also can assist you in many other ways.  
Homework assignments, upcoming tests, notes from class, questions and vocabulary from our lesson so you can quiz your child, and even how
your child is graded can be found in
 "Mister P's Sites" on the right.
Current Social Studies Lesson Plan - including key
questions, vocabulary, means of assessment, and Massachusetts
Commonwealth Standards (as a guide for MCAS preparation).
Next Test or Quiz:
Study guide & online quiz for Social Studies
Social Studies Homework
Meet The Teachers!
Homework Rubric - how your child's work is graded
Homework Policy - the rules for all assignments
Mr. Parmele's
Parent Page
Chicopee Schools Home Page
Massachusetts Dept. of Education
State of Massachusetts official site
Bellamy Middle School official site
Bellamy Middle School Library
National Junior Honor Society requirements
Bellamy Middle School Guidance Office
Connect For Kids -  a this site can be VERY preachy and
left-wing, but it is a site that helps parents cope, and may be useful.
Local Sex Offenders - from 22 WWLP News
Wired Kids and Netsmartz - If you are reading this, then the
odds are pretty good that your child has access to the Internet.  Learn
how to protect them from online predators.
Wired Teens (14-17)
Wired Tweens (11-13)
Wired Parents - What every parent should know
Netsmartz for teens
Netsmartz for parents
Nat. Center For Missing Children Cybersafety
School Calendar
School Lunch Menu
Department of Youth Services
E-HOW- How to "do it yourself" on nearly any topic.
TEXT DICTIONARY- OMG my daughter speaks a new
language LOL!  Click here for a downloadable dictionary of what she is
Chicopee Schools I-PARENT Support page
Chicopee Schools I-PARENT Sign-up
Course Syllabus
A Collection of Computer Security and
Safety Tips
Your child's CPSGE E-Mail Account