MISTER P'S SITE - "Russia  Part One"  Chapter 14, Section 1 & 2
Here are some questions and vocabulary for
you to practice with. This will help you master
the section.
Russia's size, climate, and history affect the life of Russians today.  What problems, caused by these
factors, do you think create the biggest challenge for the Russian people?  Give three specific
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Europe, Asia, Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Baltic Sea, Barents Sea, Siberia, North Siberian Plain, Central Siberian
Plateau, West Siberian Plain, Ural Mountain, Caucasus Mountains, Mt. Elbrus, Moscow, Mongolia, Sayan Mountains,
Black Sea, Yablonovyy Mountain Range, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Don River, Volga River, Stanovoy Mountain
Range, Verkhoyansk Mountains, Chersky Mountains, Sea of Okhotsk, Sea Of Azov, Kamchatka Peninsula, Lake
Baikal, Caspian Sea, Ob River, Lena River, Irtysh River, Yenisey River, Kalingrad, Neva River, Gulf Of Finland,
Murmansk, Vladivostok, Astrakhan.
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Zone, Taiga, Ring Of Fire, Canals, Permafrost, Heavy Industry, Light Industry, Consumer Goods, High-Tech
Industry, Irrigation, Bauxite, Hydroelectric Power.